What is important when buying Power Tools online?

We scour the internet a lot, looking for informative new articles, helpful advice, product deals and reviews on power tool batteries online.

We often find interesting discussions on online forums where people share their views and experiences about purchasing their power tools and power tool batteries online, and recently uncovered this old thread from the Screwfix forums.


It seems that a lot of people don’t worry too much about the capacity of the batteries that come with the power tools they purchase, but what people are more concerned about is having more than one battery. One reason being the often extortionate cost of replacing your batteries when they eventually give up and die! And there’s no doubt it’s much more useful to be able to use one battery while the other is on charge than having one battery with twice the capacity but having nothing to fall back on when you finally run out of juice.

However, with online retailers and price comparison sites such as ours selling products much cheaper than some of the bricks and mortar stores out there, the cost of having more than one replacement power tool battery isn’t as painful as it used to be these days.

There’s also a lot of discussion regarding different cell types: Ni-Cd, Ni-My, Li-Ion etc. as is always the case.. But we won’t go down that rabbit hole right mow, we shall leave that discussion for another blog post!

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