Makita BL1830 18V Price Comparison

One of the most popular models we link to has got to be the Makita BL1830 18v power tool battery. Builders can’t seem to get enough of them and of course this trickles down to the DIY enthusiasts who also seem to be fans of Makita power tools.

So, you’d think that the numbers would mean the price would be driven down and the savings passed down to the consumers, but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case. Rather, the high demand seems to be keeping the price rather high – unfortunately that’s supply and demand for you!

The answer?

Yet again the answer to this problem comes a anther choice for be consumer. Do you wait for a deal to come along and stock up on genuine batteries or do you buy an aftermarket product at a fraction of the cost?

We’ve mentioned this conundrum before on our blog (which you can read here) but fortunately if you’re reading this article then you’re already in the right place.


Current deals

We compare prices online for you and post the best deals we find. For example you can currently get 2 genuine18v, 3Ah Makita BL1830’s, directly from Makita (via Amazon) for under £100 with free UK delivery. That’s under £50 for a genuine Makita. Click here to view the deal on Amazon.

You can also order through our website (still purchasing from Makita) for the same price and delivery time by clicking here.
And the prices drop the more you buy – a pack of 4 is £172.50 which is just over £43 per battery. Incredible prices for genuine models directly from Makita!

Alternatively, we have a few aftermarket options available perhaps for the lighter user. This pack of 2 aftermarket (non-OEM) BL1840 batteries is on offer with £9 off making them just£53 for two, delivered! £26.50 per battery is a deal that can hardly been missed. Purchase from our store here or directly off Amazon by clicking here.